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Wednesday February 21st 2018



GE boss accused of creating a racially hostile work environment

Over 60 black employees who worked as contract employees for General Electric are suing the company for racial harassment.  The workers claim that Lynn Dyer, their boss at GE, created a hostile work environment by continually subjecting them to racial slurs, denying them restroom breaks, and failing to help workers who were injured on the job.

According to the complaint, “Dyer was a vicious bigot who had a visceral hatred for African-Americans.  He spewed his venom at plaintiffs who were all African-American, whenever he was assigned as TA on a job to which plaintiffs were leased.  He called them ‘niggers’ and other racial slurs.  He used racial slurs constantly when working with plaintiffs. He spoke openly and loudly about his contempt for African-Americans as workers.”

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