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Thursday January 18th 2018



EEOC sues Maxwell House for sex discrimination

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a sex discrimination lawsuit against the Maxwell House Coffee Division of Kraft Foods Global, Inc.  

The EEOC claims that Francena Smith, a female employee at its Jacksonville, Florida coffee plant, was disciplined more harshly than her male coworkers for similar infractions.  Smith was also allegedly terminated on the basis of her sex.

“Subjecting a person to different standards and discipline simply because of the person’s gender is just plain wrong,” said EEOC Acting District Director Delner Franklin-Thomas. “When management allows a female employee to be disciplined more harshly than similarly situated male employees for making the exact same mistakes, it is not living up to its obligation under federal law to protect employees from discrimination on the basis of sex.”


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EEOC sues Maxwell House for sex discrimination
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