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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



Caterpillar workers rally to protest “hostile work environment”

The Caterpillar plant in Mapleton, Illinois, is making preparations for a possible strike next spring, when the current contract with the United Auto Workers (UAW) expires.

Caterpillar has been teaching its management and non-union workers how to man the assembly lines so that the foundry’s operations will not be disrupted if the union workers go on strike.  About 50 Caterpillar workers demonstrated outside the Mapleton foundry early Tuesday morning to protest these activities.

During a recent news conference, UAW Local 974 President Dave Chapman said, “The company is bullying us, looking over our shoulders while we do our jobs and telling our guys they are learning our jobs in case of a strike.”  Chapman added that the union workers find this activity intimidating and that it is creating “a hostile work environment.”

Caterpillar workers rally to protest “hostile work environment”
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