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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



‘America’s Next Top Model’ judge Nole Marin accused of sexually harassing model Nicholas Hamman-Howe

Aspiring model Nicholas Hamman-Howe has accused one of the judges on “America’s Next Top Model” of sexual harassment and assault and battery.

Nole Marin, who is also the creative director of Runway Magazine, is accused of inviting Hamman-Howe to a photo shoot at his apartment in October 2007.  According to the complaint, Marin commented admiringly about the size of [Hamman-Howe’s] penis, remarking: ‘It’s huge.'”

Hamman-Howe claims that Marin then “grabbed his penis, announcing, ‘I just want to suck it!’  [Hamman-Howe] was shocked and repulsed, and pushed defendant Nole Marin away, shouting: ‘That is not what I want to do!’ Plaintiff further informed defendant Nole Marin: ‘If you think I’m going to do sexual favors just to get a job, I don’t need a job that bad.”

According to the complaint, Marin replied by saying, “‘It’s a very sexual industry. This industry is all about who you know and what they’ll do for you. That’s just how it is.’ [Hamman-Howe] put on his clothes and left.”

In March 2010, after not hearing from Marin since the abovementioned incident, Hamman-Howe claims that Marin contacted him and told him that an Armani photo shoot would take place at Marin’s apartment and that he could get Hamman-Howe a job with the Armani modeling campaign.

Hamman-Howe alleges that when he arrived at Marin’s apartment, he discovered that no Armani photographers were present, and he was once again sexually harassed by Marin and subjected to unwanted sexual advances.

Hamman-Howe claims that he rejected Marin’s sexual advances and left the famous stylist’s apartment.  Hamman-Howe claims that Marin sent the aspiring model a text message which stated that Hamman-Howe was not ready for Armani because he did “not pass the Test.”

According to the complaint:  “In direct retaliation for plaintiff’s refusal to submit to defendant Nole Marin’s unwanted sexual advances, plaintiff’s prospective employment with Runway Magazine and with various advertising campaigns was abruptly terminated.”

‘America’s Next Top Model’ judge Nole Marin accused of sexually harassing model Nicholas Hamman-Howe
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