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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



Trial begins in NY University Club sexual harassment case

The civil suit began yesterday in a sexual harassment case where six young waitresses at the University Club in New York City have accused their 71-year-old boss, banquet manager Mel Guzman, of groping them and asking them for sex in exchange for giving them better shifts that generated bigger tips. 

According to the New York Post:

Meanwhile, the club’s lawyer, Janene Marasciullo, said the 100-year-old-plus institution handled everything properly. As soon as one woman, Marilyn Rivas, complained to the general manager, he investigated and suspended Guzman after he “admitted he touched some of these women, consensually.”

Guzman “never set foot in the club again,” Marasciullo noted, while, Rivas was promoted.

When Rivas, 30 and a mother of two, took the stand as the first witness, she said Guzman constantly hit on her, even inviting her to a hotel.

His pickup line? She said he told her, “My penis doesn’t work, but my mouth does.”


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Trial begins in NY University Club sexual harassment case
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