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Monday February 19th 2018



Oklahoma interim chief medical examiner accused of sexual harassment

A former coworker of Dr. Andrew Sibley accused the Oklahoma-based doctor of sexual harassment during a state grand jury investigation of the medical examiner’s office.  In June, Sibley was appointed to be the interim chief medical examiner despite previous sexual harassment allegations that had been made about Sibley at his previous workplace in Arizona.

According to The Oklahoman:

The state grand jury last year reported, “Improvements in the overall management of the office are greatly needed. One of the saddest realities is that some dedicated state employees have been victimized psychologically, emotionally and sexually.”  A former chief investigator, Kevin Rowland, is accused in Tulsa of raping a female co-worker. His trial on the rape charge is set for November.

Sibley was accused in Arizona of harassing female employees at the medical examiner’s office in Pima County. One female employee filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Sibley and the county. Sibley was eventually dropped from the lawsuit and the woman settled with the county. The amount was not disclosed.

A Pima County human resources investigation of the woman’s complaints substantiated that “a sexually hostile working environment exists” at the medical examiner’s office because the place had become permeated with sexual comments, stories, innuendo and jokes.

“The record independently established that other employees were repulsed by the behavior of Dr. Sibley and the techs…to the degree that they would seek to avoid them, change their manner of dress and/or complain directly to them about their behavior,” according to the September 2000 report by the Pima County Human Resources Department.

In Tulsa, a former female investigator alleged Sibley and others said “many inappropriate things of a sexual nature” to and around her, records show. The investigator, who worked there from 2005 to 2007, was interviewed by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation in March 2009. She told the OSBI Sibley and a pathology assistant “routinely had pornography up on the morgue computer and thought it was funny” when she complained, records show. She said Sibley never directly propositioned her.

She also testified to the state multicounty grand jury that Sibley regularly made sexual comments in the workplace about the dead during autopsies.


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