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Thursday January 18th 2018



Fox News sued by former employee for racial discrimination and retaliation

A former technican at the Fox News New York facility is suing the company for race discrimination and retaliation.

Harmeen Jones, who is African-American, claims that a number of his coworkers, including Mike Greco, Sean McCool, and Damien Rodriguez, “continually made racist, sexist, and extremely offensive comments throughout the course of every working day. These comments concerned African-Americans, Arabs, Muslims, Hispanics, women, and Jews.” Jones also claims he was often told that he looks like “a gangster.”

According to the complaint, Jones was often blamed for mistakes he did not, and could not, have any control over.  Jones claims that he was always denied requests for technical training, without ever being given a reason, and that other employees who were less senior than Jones or at the same level were often paid to train.

Jones alleges that after he complained to the head of human resources, his coworkers called him a “snitch” and he was called into a meeting with his bosses William “Billy” Toth and Steve Carey.  Cary allegedly told him, “We gave you a chance and you repay us by making complaints to HR? You’re terminated.”


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Fox News sued by former employee for racial discrimination and retaliation
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