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Thursday March 30th 2017



EEOC sues Las Vegas Findlay Honda dealership for racial harassment and discrimination

The EEOC is suing Shack-Findlay Automotive, LLC doing business as Findlay Honda and Findlay Automotive Group, Inc. for allegedly subjecting its black employees to discrimination, retaliation, and a hostile work environment in which one manager forced a black employee to get on his knees and beg for his job in front of other workers.

A parts department manager, who is white, referred to at least two black employees with the  “N-word,” making racially derogatory comments and jokes on a near daily basis at Findlay’s dealership in Henderson, Nevada.  The same manager referred to one employee as a “gorilla” while the employee was holding a banana.

The EEOC contends that the manager also imposed stricter work-related rules upon the dealership’s black employees, including Sydney Robinson and Jason Grinstead, disciplining them for conduct that non-black employees were not disciplined for, and giving them less favorable work assignments.  Ultimately, both Robinson and Grinstead were terminated.

According to the Las Vegas Sun:

Robinson, in a lawsuit filed in Clark County District Court in January, alleged he was discriminated against while working as a driver for Shack-Findlay Automotive at its dealership on Auto Show Drive in Henderson.

Robinson said in the lawsuit he was a driver for the dealership from July 2003 through January 2008 and that beginning in June 2007 his supervisor Michael Austin repeatedly addressed him with an “egregious racial slur.”

Robinson alleged he and another black driver had been told they would be fired if they received two customer complaints and that this rule didn’t apply to employees of other races.

After receiving a customer complaint, Austin told Robinson the complaint would “go away” if Robinson got on his knees and begged for his job in an open area visible to co-workers, the lawsuit alleged. This alleged begging incident is not mentioned in the EEOC lawsuit.

Robinson in the January lawsuit said he had a knee condition and it was painful for him to kneel on a hard surface, but Austin said he was not joking so Robinson “relented, kneeled and begged defendant Austin for his job.”


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EEOC sues Las Vegas Findlay Honda dealership for racial harassment and discrimination
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Reader Feedback

5 Responses to “EEOC sues Las Vegas Findlay Honda dealership for racial harassment and discrimination”

  1. Hi & Dri 65 says:

    I used to work at that store and then went to the NW store. I went thru almost the same thing at the NW store. This tried his best to get my co workers and myself fired a few times… which he succeeded. I was with the company before he ever walked into that door. Always yelling and back talking to all of us. I hope karma gets him like it got the other Manager.

  2. D- nice says:

    I have worked at the nw store since it opened,I am black, and I have never been treated in a negative or racial way, as a matter of fact the old part owner of both stores was a black man, a proud black owner, so that in itself tells you that this story perpetuated against the Findlay organization is BS! Mr. Lee the General MGR. is the fairest GM I have ever met or worked for, and I have been in the car business for almost 13 years and I have worked for some truly racist dealerships ie; “courtesy” this dealer group is not one of them, as a matter of fact this is one of the only groups that I have worked for that employ many minorities and women in management positions. The Findlay VW store being built next to their nw Honda store is partly owned by a black owner Mr. James Cobbs who is presently the GM at Findlay’s Acura Store in Henderson. This law suit sounds like a make money quick scheme to me!

  3. J says:

    I have worked at the henderson honda / Acura store and also the cadillac store. Talk about the difference in night and day. I was always treated personally and with the upmost respect and the managaement appricated a job well done and team work. the same can not be said for the “up class” cadillac store. I am mircomanaged and told to do my job, written up for helping out because I am capable and in the same month asked to do exactly what i had been written up for. the lack of communication intra-co and the sudden “enforecement” by HR leads me to believe that there was a lawsuit issue. I have been humiliated as well and am seeking employment elsewhere. such a large corp, sure doesnt say much for the 6 figure guys/girls. there is no team work from the management down. if more ppl stood up and took pride in what they do for a living..well i guess if you work for the findlay group, you damn straight would be out of a job. In this business its about right now, customer service and when can you get that done. America needs to get back to being great..and it all starts from respect!

  4. Proud of EEOC says:

    As a former employee I can say with certainty that the Findlay organization has a track record for turning a blind eye towards discrimination throughout their locations. Moreover, management moves to cover discriminatory crimes and does it with great success. They throw money, fire, relocate, and promote employees to hide criminal behavior. Although some will argue that they have not witnessed such deeds, make no mistake; the Findlay organization is guilty of discrimination and there is sufficient evidence this time. Great job EEOC!

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