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Monday January 22nd 2018



Appeals court upholds firing of Defense Logistics Agency boss

A federal appeals court upheld the firing of Thyrman Smiley, a former Defense Department supervisor with the Defense Logistics Agency who was accused of subjecting female employees to a sexually hostile work environment.

Smiley was fired in 2009 after an investigation “unearthed detailed recollections from the women in question recounting the occasions on which Mr. Smiley had made unwanted physical contact or directed sexual comments to them.”

According to the appeals court, “The conduct in question involved assertions by female employees at his work facility that he had inappropriate uninvited physical contact with them and that he had, over a course of time, made numerous sexual comments referring to the physical assets of the women and revealing Mr. Smiley’s considerable sexual appetite and his desire to share that appetite with the women.”

The internal investigation was triggered by a coworker observing Smiley rubbing the shoulders of one of the women in August 2008 and reporting the incident to the authorities.


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Appeals court upholds firing of Defense Logistics Agency boss
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