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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



Alaska-based Calista Corp fires CEO following sexual harassment complaint

Alaska-based Calista Corp. announced that it has terminated its CEO, Matthew Nicolai, following a third-party investigation into claims that a company employee was sexually harassed by Nicolai.

Emily Davenport, the former president of Solstice Advertising, a Calista subsidiary, filed a lawsuit in August accusing Nicolai of sexual harassment.  According to the Anchorage Daily News:

In her lawsuit, Davenport, 28, says that she and Nicolai began an intimate relationship in September 2008, a month after she was made president. She says she ended the relationship in May 2009 because of his “growing possessiveness.”

She alleges that Nicolai wanted to continue the relationship and began acting like a stalker, following her around town, calling her, e-mailing her and surreptitiously taking pictures of her. She said he touched her and made inappropriate comments in the workplace in front of other people.

She alleged that he used his position at Calista to hurt her professionally: canceling acquisitions of other ad firms she had arranged; taking away her ability to hire and fire; falsely accusing her of lying to Calista attorneys; and canceling an open house event she had prepared as a business opportunity for Solstice.


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Alaska-based Calista Corp fires CEO following sexual harassment complaint
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