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Sunday January 21st 2018



4 Prescott Elks Theatre employees resign in protest of “hostile work environment”

On September 19 and 20, 2010, Prescott Elks Theatre employees Dawn Castaneda, Marcus Knight, Mario Hernandez, and Brandee Yale all submitted resignation letters, citing a hostile work environment as the reason why they quit.
According to Prescott News:

Castaneda and the others accused Administrative Services Director Mic Fenech, Castaneda’s immediate supervisor, of creating this hostile workplace. Interestingly, Knight and Hernandez, the two men who resigned, stated they observed the hostile workplace; Castaneda and Yale, the two women, state they experienced the hostile workplace. They claim Fenech verbally berated and belittled them, using profanity and more. The City of Prescott’s response was to remove Fenech from supervising the Elks Theatre.

After an internal investigation, Knight, Hernandez, and Yale were offered their jobs back.  They ended up declining the offer.  Castaneda, however, was not offered her job back, as she was arrested on October 13 on charges of felony theft and fraudulent use of a city credit card.


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4 Prescott Elks Theatre employees resign in protest of “hostile work environment”
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