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Monday December 11th 2017



Photography studio boss denies sexually harassing “unattractive” ex-assistant

Maryam Sayigh, the former executive assistant of a popular New York photo studio CEO is suing her ex-boss for sexual harassment.

Sayigh claims that Federico Pignatelli, the CEO of Pier 59 Studios, pressured her to have sex with him.  According to the New York Post, “Sayigh initially spurned Pignatelli’s advances but relented while they were on a trip on his boat, where he’d often sunbathe naked, the suit says, adding that she thought that giving in ‘was the only way she could stay at the company.'”

Pignatelli denies sexually harassing Sayigh, saying “she’s so unattractive, I wouldn’t even dream about it.”


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Photography studio boss denies sexually harassing “unattractive” ex-assistant
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