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Sunday January 21st 2018



Appeals court upholds discrimination and workplace bullying verdict

A federal appeals court upheld the previous jury verdict which awarded a black employee $65,000 for being subjected to racial discrimination and workplace bullying at Fiber Glass Systems LP, based in San Antonio, Texas.

During the trial, Carol Fuller testified that she encountered a hostile work environment as soon as she was transferred from her previous factory job to a job in the sales office.

Fuller claimed that a co-worker in the sales office, Patty Holmes, told her that she “didn’t like blacks…but would try to tolerate” Fuller.  Holmes allegedly would ask Fuller each morning why she came back to work, and she told Fuller not to answer the phones because callers were not used to hearing “a black or ethnic voice.”

Fuller alleged that her complaints to her supervisor, Dale Smith, only made the harassment worse.  Fuller said that she was excluded from office functions and was not invited out to lunch with the others.  Furthermore, Fuller described one incident where her boss, Dale Smith, stood behind her as she worked and made “gorilla gestures” while Holmes laughed.


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Appeals court upholds discrimination and workplace bullying verdict
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