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Tuesday March 28th 2017



Abusive Navy Captain stripped of her command for creating hostile work environment

Earlier this year, a scathing Navy inspector general’s report about the abusive behavior of Capt. Holly Graf led to her removal as head of the missile cruiser U.S.S. Cowpens.
The IG report concluded that Graf violated Navy regulations “by demeaning, humiliating, publicly belittling and verbally assaulting…subordinates while in command of Cowpens.”
A crew member told the inspector general that Graf “creates an environment of fear and hostility [and] frequently humiliates and belittles watch standers by screaming at them with profanities in front of the Combat Information Center and bridge-watch teams.”
For example, Graf allegedly told officers and crewmembers the following:

“Take your goddam attitude and shove it up your f—ing ass and leave it there.”
“This is one of the reasons I hate you.”
“Get the f–k out of my stateroom.”
“The only words I want to hear out of your mouth are ‘Yes ma’am’ or ‘You’re correct, ma’am.'”

According to Time.com

Paul Coco, a 2002 Naval Academy graduate, served as a gunnery officer under Graf aboard the destroyer U.S.S. Winston S. Churchill from 2002 to 2004. “She would throw coffee cups at officers — ceramic, not foam,” he recalls, “spit in one officer’s face, throw binders and paperwork at people, slam doors.” The hostile work environment led to a gallows humor among the crew. “We all would joke that after Bush liberated Iraq, he would next liberate Churchill,” he says.
Prior to the IG probe’s release, the Navy had tapped Graf for a top job at the Pentagon following her Cowpens command. Now she’s being shuffled off to a Navy weapons lab outside the capital. “Her career,” an admiral says, “is over.”


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Abusive Navy Captain stripped of her command for creating hostile work environment
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Reader Feedback

3 Responses to “Abusive Navy Captain stripped of her command for creating hostile work environment”

  1. dreed says:

    Ok, apparently things have changed since I got out. Maybe I should read it again, but I honestly can’t believe the military has become so sensitive that it would even entertain such charges, let alone reprimand her.

    Ok, I’d rather officers not used the F word. Were these officers or enlisted personnel she was speaking to? Were enlisted present? Was she joking when she said “Hate”,ya know, being funny?

    I’ve seen much much worse, and it was usually pretty funny to watch. This officer’s main problem is that she had a bunch of whiny snivelers working for her.

  2. Mom says:

    I disagree. Holly Graf * DESERVED * to be demoted (and actually should be totally removed from the military or ANY type of leadership position entirely), because she is NOT capable of conducting herself professionally. Nutjobs like Holly Graf are poster children for insubordination and disrespect within the ranks. 3 cheers for our military for taking the proper actions!

  3. Curtis Culwell says:

    I’ve been in the Navy nearly 20 years, and I for one have NOT seen worse. I worked for her on one of her command tours and it was a living hell. She got off quite easy.

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