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Friday January 19th 2018



Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Tullett Prebon Americas CEO

27-year-old Jessica Franqui has accused Marcus Bolton, 45, a British broker and chief executive at Tullett Prebon Americas, of sexual harassment, including sexual assault and battery, and creating an intimidating and hostile work environment. On August 15, Franqui, an administrative assistant with Tullett Prebon, filed a $20 million lawsuit against the company plus punitive damages against Bolton.


She claims that in January 2010, Bolton showed up at the firm’s Wall Street office and forced her to dance with him, dropped her on purpose, then forcibly stepped on her chest while waving his arms in the air in victory to the other males on the floor. According to The Daily Telegraph, Franqui claims she stood up afterward and said, “I can’t believe you were standing on my chest,” to which Bolton allegedly replied with words along the lines of, “Oh, come on now. It’s all right. They [her breasts] are big, and you probably didn’t even feel it.”

Franqui has not worked since the incident while Tullett Prebon has allowed Bolton to continue in his position.


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Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Tullett Prebon Americas CEO
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