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Tuesday March 28th 2017



Salmonella egg recall company previously accused of hostile work environment and sexual harassment

In the midst of the massive US FDA recall of more than 500 million eggs due to salmonella contamination, federal officials say that there is a common thread running through the problem: DeCoster Farms. DeCoster Farms is one of the top ten egg producers in the country and is no stranger to complaints about health, safety, and human and animal rights violations, including sexual harassment and rape. 

The violations of Quality Eggs/DeCoster Farms, owned by AustinJack” DeCoster of Iowa, span two decades. Quality Eggs/DeCoster Farms supplies young hens and feed to Wright County Eggs and Hillandale Farms, both of which are part of the recent extensive recall. The Washington Post states that DeCoster Farms has repeatedly paid fines and settled complaints over health and safety violations and allegations ranging from maintaining a “sexually hostile work environment” to abusing the hens that lay the eggs.

According to the Des Moines Register, Jack DeCoster and DeCoster Farms have a long record of environmental problems and violations of immigration laws and worker rights.

In 2002, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reported that a $1,525,000 settlement was reached in an employment discrimination lawsuit against DeCoster Farms on behalf of female workers, many of Mexican and Hispanic origins, who alleged they were subjected to sexual harassment (including rape), abuse, and retaliation by supervisors at DeCoster’s Wright County, Iowa, plants.

The list of allegations continues to grow and includes animal cruelty (hens suffocated in garbage cans, twirled by their necks, kicked into manure pits to drown, and hanged by their feet over conveyer belts), the unpaid overtime of 3,000 employees, poor housing conditions for workers – some of whom were undocumented workers at the time – and more threats of retaliation.


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Salmonella egg recall company previously accused of hostile work environment and sexual harassment
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Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “Salmonella egg recall company previously accused of hostile work environment and sexual harassment”

  1. This is a scary story on so many levels!

    It’s important for job seekers and career changers to carefully evaluate potential employers. Often, they are focused on wanting to get the job rather than turning the tables and asking themselves if the employer is a good match on basic values.

    With the internet, there is so much data available for to research and evaluate. Health and safety track records are a good indicator of overall company culture. (I’m a former Environment Health and Safety manager in the hazardous waste industry, as well as consultant to fortune 500 companies)

    OSHA, for example, has a search component on their website a allowing for past violations to be tracked and viewed. http://www.osha.gov/oshstats/index.html

    You can run various queries to get a feel for health and safety track records and past violations. Information you learn, good or not so good, is something to follow up on during interviews.

    Timely article. Thanks for posting.

  2. Deepak Gupta says:

    I bet that’s why I was sick all week – tainted eggs from OSHA violations!

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