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Wednesday January 24th 2018



Kansas City lawyer suspended for sexual harassment

The Kansas Supreme court has suspended Kansas City attorney Chauncey Depew from practicing law for one year, during which he must seek psychological treatment. Depew is receiving disciplinary action due to his sexual harassment of five administrative assistants throughout 2007-08. The Kansas Supreme Court reviewed the Kansas Disciplinary Administrator’s Office case against Depew and gave him a longer suspension than the disciplinary office originally recommended. No criminal charges were filed against Depew because the District Attorney in 2008 decided against it since the disciplinary office was already investigating.

According to legal documents filed on August 6, 2010, Depew’s misconduct included rubbing his genital area in front of an administrative assistant, and on another occasion, asking her to expose her breasts to him, blocking her exit from her office when she refused to expose her breasts, and grabbing her arm as she was attempting to leave. On a third occasion with the same assistant, Depew left an inappropriate note for her that stated, “I want to lick your butt.”

Depew also suggested to another administrative assistant that she could take care of her outstanding parking fines in “other ways.” And, while serving as pro tem (temporary) judge, Depew exposed his genitals to another administrative assistant. Further, Depew took a digital photograph of his penis while in the Johnson County Courthouse restroom, and texted it to yet another administrative assistant, asking her to do the same for him. He also left an additional inappropriate note on the desk of another administrative assistant.

According to WDAF-TV/Fox4KC, Depew claims that he suffered from low testosterone and the medicine he was taking, Androgel, made him aggressive, agitated, and depressed, thus causing him to act out.


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Kansas City lawyer suspended for sexual harassment
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