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Friday January 19th 2018



Interior Department CIO sued for race discrimination

In July 2010, a judge ruled against the Department of the Interior in an employment discrimination lawsuit and found that the department’s chief information officer Craig Littlejohn called African American subordinates “monkeys.”
According to the Washington Post

“…Richard W. Furcolo, the administrative judge in the discrimination case…said Craig Littlejohn, the white chief information officer in the department’s solicitor’s office, called staffers “monkeys” and improperly interfered with the selection process for a job sought by Adam Pierre, a black man. The judge said Pierre was significantly better qualified than the person given the job.
“Furcolo ordered Interior to retroactively place Pierre in the position of supervisory IT specialist and pay him $100,000 in damages, plus legal fees.
“The judge said Littlejohn’s admitted monkey comment “was intentional, deliberate and simply deplorable.” According to Furcolo, “Littlejohn’s discriminatory animus toward the African American employees he supervised is palpable. He is on record as commenting that, in his opinion, they — as a group — were not skillful and were incompetent.”

The Department of the Interior is appealing the judge’s order and has refused to implement it.  Moreover, sources report that Littlejohn has not been disciplined for his alleged racist behavior.


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Interior Department CIO sued for race discrimination
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