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Tuesday January 16th 2018



High school student accuses principal of sexual harassment

A Waco, Texas Meridian High School student claims that her principal, Kelly Gene Parker, subjected her to repeated acts of sexual harassment and that she was retaliated against for reporting the escalating incidents, forcing her to leave MISD. The plaintiff is suing MISD and seeking “punitive damages for discrimination, sexual harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault, and constitutional violations,” according to Courthouse News Service.

After months of continued sexual harassment, including dozens of sexually offensive text messages from Parker, the student reported him to the police, who arrested him in Dec. 2008, for carrying on an improper relationship between an educator and a student, a second-degree felony. Parker pleaded guilty in May 2009, but the student claims that she was offered no counseling or help by MISD, and instead was made out to be the criminal in the case and was blamed for the incidents.

The following from a filed court report shows samples of the text messages sent from Parker to the teenager, who was 16 years old when the harassment began, shortly after Parker was hired at her school:

– “how about going down on me.”

– “I’m great in the sack … i know how to please a woman and make her climax over and over….”

– “i just wish you would think about me and my needs”

Also, according to court documents, Parker gave the student a sexually graphic list of five things he wanted from her, offering her $600 in return.

The student claims that Parker has been in trouble in the past for similar incidents while working in other Texas school districts, including Kopperl and Goliad, and that MISD did not properly screen Parker before hiring him.

High school student accuses principal of sexual harassment
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