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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



Florida candidate for US Senate accused of workplace bullying

The St. Petersburg Times has reported that several ex-employees of Jeff Greene accuse the billionaire candidate for U.S. Senate of being a toxic boss who harassed and bullied his workers.
Greene’s ex-employees describe him as being a “screamer” who “has total disregard for anybody else.”  According to the St. Petersburg Times, ” James Battles, Greene’s former personal chef, sued him last year. The suit alleges Greene demanded round-the-clock attention and would berate and humiliate Battles when he sought reimbursement for food paid for out of his own pocket.” 

 Adam Lambert, who worked as a captain on Greene’s yacht, said, “I don’t think I ever once had an actual conversation with him. It was always, ‘I should just get rid of you, what f—— good are you? You’re just a f—— boat driver.'”
Another of Greene’s yacht employees, Harlan Hoffman, said, “He has this act on TV talking about what a good guy he is, and he’s anything but. He treats his own employees like s—.  If he can’t even treat his employees good, I don’t see how he’s going to do good for the American people.”
Jeff Greene said in response, “I’ve ruffled some feathers. I’m not embarrassed because a handful of people didn’t like me.  Most of my employees would say, ‘Wow, you were a tough boss, you were so aggressive, but I learned a lot from you.’ . . . I would never expect anything from somebody I wouldn’t expect from myself.


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Florida candidate for US Senate accused of workplace bullying
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