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Wednesday January 24th 2018



Elementary school principal fired for sexual harassment

The principal at Jackson Elementary School in Janesville, Wisconsin, was fired in July after being accused of sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior, and workplace bullying. John Walczak, who earned $97,726 last year, had a history of problematic behavior within the school district including reprimands for sexual harassment, and was placed on administrative leave in May.

According to the Janesville Gazette Extra, employees stated that Walczak repeatedly made sexual comments in the workplace about females, including staff and parents, such as “Wow! You’re nipped out,” “I knew within the first three minutes that I was going to hire you. Yeah, I am a boob man,” and “What is a good reference worth to you?”

Male employees of the school district stated in the document that Walczak frequently made degrading comments to them about women. One school employee commented that it was like the mentality of a frat house.

Walczak, who had remarked that though he went by the title of doctor, he never finished his dissertation, was frequently seen behaving inappropriately on the job, including not offering support to teachers or returning emails, speaking negatively about other employees, failing to show up at conference sessions due to partying at bars or being hung-over, and suggesting to colleagues that they go to a strip club.

Despite Walszak’s behavior, teachers and school employees felt bullied by him and feared retaliation, and only reluctantly came forward.

Walczak’s departure from the school has left the staff “angry and deflated,” yet relieved that he is gone. Janesville school district officials recently appointed teacher Kristen Moisson as Walczak’s replacement.


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Elementary school principal fired for sexual harassment
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