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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



Little Caesars sued by employee for male-on-male sexual harassment

Mathew Mangara has filed suit against Little Caesars, alleging that his boss at the Godfrey, Illinois Little Caesars Pizza, David Kelley, repeatedly sexually harassed him from July 6, 2008, through July 29, 2008. Mangara claims that Kelley violated his civil rights and that Little Caesars exposed him to sexual harassment and a hostile work environment.

According to complaint, Mangara’s claims include the following allegations: Kelley asked Mangara to masturbate in front of him; pulled down the employee’s pants while he did the dishes; massaged Mangara’s shoulders and butt; told Mangara he was young and hot; asked Mangara to do push-ups for Kelley because it would turn him on; asked Mangara to ejaculate in a cup so Kelley could drink it; showed Mangara photos of fully nude men stored on Kelley’s cell phone; offered him money to perform a sexual act; and forcibly held Mangara in a corner while stating that he wanted to rape him.

Mangara also claims retaliation by Little Caesars, since once he filed his claim against Kelley with the Illinois Department of Human Rights, Little Caesars reduced his working hours.

Mangara seeks damages for sexual harassment, retaliation, civil rights violations and violations of the Illinois Whistleblower Act. Because of the incidents, Mangara claims he suffered embarrassment, extreme humiliation, mental anguish, loss of sleep, physical sickness, pain, suffering and lost wages, and is seeking a judgment of more than $100,000, plus costs.


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Little Caesars sued by employee for male-on-male sexual harassment
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