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Sunday January 21st 2018



Casey Affleck sued for sexual harassment

Amanda White, a former producer of an upcoming Casey Affleck documentary about Joaquin Phoenix, has filed a $2 million sexual harassment lawsuit against Affleck.  White claims that she was denied her producing fee after she refused to spend the night in a hotel room with Affleck.

According to the complaint:

“On one occasion, Affleck instructed a crew member to take off his pants in order to show (White) his penis, even after (White) objected.  Affleck repeatedly referred to women as ‘cows’; he discussed his sexual exploits and those of other celebrities that he allegedly witnessed; and asked (White), after learning her age, ‘Isn’t it about time you get pregnant?'”

“Affleck refused to compensate (White) as agreed because she objected to his harassing and abusive conduct, and because she refused to share his hotel room during the shoot in San Francisco.”

CBS News reports that Affleck’s attorney called White’s allegations “preposterous and without merit.”


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Casey Affleck sued for sexual harassment
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