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Wednesday January 24th 2018



Anti-Bullying Road Marches and Parades

Bullying is a serious issue with many different elements such as physical, emotional, psychological, mental, financial, spiritual, sexual and of course fatal.  SISFI and TITSSN are organizing Anti-Bullying Road Marches and Parades to provide proactive working solutions and resources for addressing the problems of bullying.

The Anti-Bullying Road Marches and Parades group is organizing their first parade, which will be in Far Rockaway, Queens, NY on Sunday August 29th. 

More details will follow as the group builds on the logistics and resources. They are working on finding sponsors and people who will help out with the managing of the revelers in the march so there is a place for everyone to join in.

They have 13 groups that will be in the parades on the street:

School Leaders
Community Leaders
Elected Officials
Business Owners/Employers
Law Enforcement
Public Servants
PTA – Parent Teachers Association
SISFI/TITSSN Staff and Team members

Join them in these well needed events for raising the levels of education, awareness and community development of and about Bullying and its societal impacts and effects on us as a people. 

Click here for more information on the Anti-Bullying Road Marches and Parades.

Anti-Bullying Road Marches and Parades
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