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Monday April 24th 2017



Actress sues David Boreanaz for sexual harassment

Kristina Hagan, an aspiring actress, is suing “Bones” star David Boreanaz for sexual harassment.  Among Hagan’s claims are that Boreanaz sent her “sexually inappropriate text messages.”

According to TMZ.com:

The suit also claims David was driving with Kristina in September, 2009 and told her he was “the boss” and that he could “make things happen for her.”

The suit claims David then parked his car, and “attempted to kiss her and touch her breasts but she pushed him away.”  The suit then alleges Boreanaz “unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis and began stroking it until he ejaculated.” 

Another encounter allegedly occurred with Hagan in David’s trailer on September 29, according to the docs.  Once again Hagan claims Boreanaz grabbed, kissed, and fondled her — and then “masturbated in front of her.”

Hagan’s attorney, Gloria Allred, is also representing another woman who has accused Boreanaz of sexual harassment.


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Actress sues David Boreanaz for sexual harassment
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2 Responses to “Actress sues David Boreanaz for sexual harassment”

  1. Buffaloluvsboreanaz says:

    Seems kinda fishy to me. First of all, this girl alleges that she was only interested in a job from him, so then why did she agree to go for a ride in his car or meet him in his trailer? Usually when people attend business meetings with each other, they meet in a public place to discuss, not in a parked car or private trailer. Secondly, if he really was that offensive, then why didn’t she walk out of the trialer, or get out of the car while he was “handling himself”….I bet he couldn’t restrain her from leaving with one hand while the other was busy…so again, a little fishy. I think there was consentual sex between them and she thought she could entice a job out of the deal, but when that didn’t pan out, she figured she’d kick the man while he’s down by adding to his current distress. What a way to burn those auditioning bridges gal! You’ll never work for any show on this network again. That’s a great way to go from aspiring actress to expiring actress in two seconds flat!!

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