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Monday January 22nd 2018



Penguin Canada CEO David Davidar fired after being sued for sexual harassment

Penguin, a leading book publisher, announced that it has fired David Davidar, the CEO of Penguin Canada, after a former employee filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Davidar.

Former rights and contracts director Lisa Rundle alleges that Davidar made numerous unwanted sexual advances towards her during the past three years.  According to the court documents, the harassment included emails sent to Rundle by the former CEO stating that he “could do very little except think of [Ms. Rundle],” that she was “utterly gorgeous,’ and that she should not be “stubborn” or “fight” him. 

According to The Globe and Mail:

The harassment allegedly culminated in an outright assault at the Frankfurt Book Fair last October when, according to the claim, Mr. Davidar appeared at Ms. Rundle’s hotel room door, “wearing excessive cologne, with buttons on his shirt undone down his waist.”

“Lisa stood in her hotel room into which Davidar had bullied his way, with her arms crossed, still near the door, and asked what he needed to discuss,” it said. “He told her to relax and just let him come in. She refused and said she wanted to go to sleep.”

Ms. Rundle claims she climbed on a windowsill to avoid her boss and again asked him to leave. “He forcibly pulled her off the ledge and grabbed her by the wrists, forcing his tongue into her mouth,” it said.

Rundle is also suing Penguin for wrongful termination.  She accuses the company of treating her in a “harsh, vindictive and malicious fashion” and for firing her after she complained to her superiors about the harassment.


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Penguin Canada CEO David Davidar fired after being sued for sexual harassment
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