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Monday November 20th 2017



Hostile work environment allegations made against Scottsdale recruiting firm

eBossWatch has spoken to an anonymous source who has personally witnessed and experienced the work environment at David Shefrin & Associates and alleges a hostile work environment at the Scottsdale, Arizona based recruiting company.

Calling company founder David Shefrin an “all around bad boss,” the eyewitness said, “I have seen David scream, yell, and throw temper tantrums like a five year old child.  In addition, there have been at least 3 occasions where he has made a co-worker cry in meetings.  His tyrannical yelling is almost more than one can bare.  I have seen 3 employees leave due to his rage and yelling.”

These allegations were confirmed by a former David Shefrin & Associates employee, who described a high employee turnover rate at the recruiting firm where “people were getting hired and fired quite often.”  The former employee claims that Shefrin “picked on and bullied women” much more frequently than men.  The former employee also alleges to have witnessed Shefrin bring several employees to tears with his yelling and bullying.


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Hostile work environment allegations made against Scottsdale recruiting firm
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