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Thursday March 30th 2017



Gold’s Gym sued for sexual harassment by former personal trainer

Amanda Kurtz, a former personal trainer at Gold’s Gym in O’Fallon, Illinois is suing the company and two of her bosses for sexual harassment.

According to the lawsuit documents, “David Tate, the Assistant Fitness Manager at Gold’s Gym, subjected Amanda Kurtz to sexual harassment in the form of inappropriate sexual comments, inappropriate touching and humiliation” during the five months that she worked at the gym. 

Kurtz claims that although she complained about the harassment to assistant manager Cade Pryor, the harassment did not stop.  The suit states, “On or about January 30, 2009, after Amanda Kurtz complained about the sexual harassment and hostile work environment, she was retaliated against and terminated.”


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Gold’s Gym sued for sexual harassment by former personal trainer
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One Response to “Gold’s Gym sued for sexual harassment by former personal trainer”

  1. Susan says:

    I am not employed at golds gym, I do work out at one in Missouri. I was harassed by a police officer and he had the support of his friends. I did not tell gym management, but I did file a compliant with internal affairs at their police department. These cops are friends with the manager at the gym. In retaliation the cops told the manager and he kicked me out of the gym (12/7/2010). I went to the gyms district manager and they are investigating the issue. My membership has not been canceled and I will continue to go to the gym. My former husband contacted the manager. This manager tried to get my ex to feel sorry for him. He told my ex he has a wife and kids and now he could lose his job. He also told my ex that he is working on a master’s degree and has worked for the gym for 13 years. This manager is only concerned about himself, not the issue at hand. This is disturbing. This manager also called my home 4 times within 10 minutes yesterday, leaving one message for me to call him back and I refuse. I have called for his firing.

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