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Friday January 19th 2018



Canadian government ministry does nothing about toxic boss

The Canadian city of Mississauga launched an independent investigation into allegations that employees at Mississauga’s transportation and works department had been physically abused and subjected to an extremely hostile work environment for almost five years.

The investigation was launched after a cellphone video that showed two employees being physically assaulted was given to the department’s HR department.  A complaint was also filed with the local police department.

The video showed two employees being tied up with duct tape and spanked until their bodies were bruised.  This degrading and humiliating attack was allegedly ordered by the employees’ boss, Domenic Galamini.

Surprisingly, though Galamini was found to be responsible for the toxic work environment at the transportation and works department, the external investigator did not feel that Galamini should be fired, and he still works for the City of Mississauga.


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Canadian government ministry does nothing about toxic boss
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