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Tuesday January 16th 2018



5 reasons to rate your bad boss on eBossWatch

Why is it important for you to rate your bad boss on eBossWatch?  Here are the top five reasons:

  1. To deter your boss from continuing to abuse his/her employees.
  2. To warn other potential employees so that they’ll know what it’s really like to work with your boss.
  3. To warn other future employers who might consider hiring your boss.
  4. To deter other bosses from bullying their workers.
  5. To help eBossWatch build a nationwide database of good and bad bosses so that job seekers will be able to research and evaluate potential bosses and employers.

The best way to end workplace bullying is by utilizing the internet and social networking technologies to expose toxic bosses, deter abusive behavior in the workplace, and warn potential employees and employers.

Once people realize that bullies won’t be able to keep their behavior a secret and that there are serious consequences to acting like a terrorist at work, workplace bullying will become a thing of a past.

5 reasons to rate your bad boss on eBossWatch
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