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Monday April 24th 2017



Former assistant calls actor Jackie Chan a bad boss

Yahoo News has reported that one of Jackie Chan’s former assistants has accused the actor of being a bad boss.  William Duen, an actor who was very close to Chan until he was fired in 2003, “has decided to speak up for the many employees under Jackie and his wife Joan Lin’s charge.”

Duen also claims that after Chan appointed his wife as the head of his two entertainment companies, another longtime assistant, Kenneth Low, was fired.


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Former assistant calls actor Jackie Chan a bad boss
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3 Responses to “Former assistant calls actor Jackie Chan a bad boss”

  1. […] eBossWatch is reporting that Jackie Chan’s former assistant says Mr. Chan and his wife Joan Lin are really bad bosses. […]

  2. Markus says:

    I don’t think Jackie could be a bad boss. He really looks like a nice guy.

  3. anika001 says:

    it’s so sad to hear this news, but i think Jackie has a good reason why they fired those people.

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