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eBossWatch Launches World’s First ‘Boss Background Check’ Service

May 5, 2010 — As workplace bullying continues to affect millions of Americans each year, eBossWatch is raising the bar in its fight against bad bosses and is excited to announce the launch of the world’s first Boss Background Check service.  eBossWatch is a leading resource that helps job seekers evaluate managers and potential employers.
Asher Adelman, founder of eBossWatch, said, “Employers have long been able to conduct background checks on prospective employees.  For the first time ever, eBossWatch has leveled the playing field.  Job seekers can now can anonymously evaluate the work environment at potential employers before accepting job offers so that they can avoid the bad bosses and toxic workplaces.”
The eBossWatch Boss Background Checks include searches of county and federal court records as well as local and national media sources so that job seekers will know if their potential boss has ever been accused of infractions such as creating a hostile work environment, sexual harassment, or employment discrimination.

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About eBossWatch
eBossWatch was launched in June 2007 to help people avoid hostile workplaces. Because of the extremely difficulty in discovering the true atmosphere at potential employers during the job interview process, eBossWatch is a critical resource for job seekers.
eBossWatch enables people to anonymously rate their current or former bosses using a respectable and focused evaluation form so that job seekers can search for bosses at potential workplaces and can receive reports detailing the ratings that each boss has received.  eBossWatch is also the publisher of the “America’s Worst Bosses” list, the first of which was released in Dec. 2009.
eBossWatch has been featured and mentioned in dozens of media publications and reports, including ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, Forbes.com, MSN Money, TheStreet.com, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Post, Houston Chronicle, Seattle Times, San Francisco Chronicle, St. Petersburg Times, Orange County Register, and The Globe and Mail.
More information about eBossWatch can be accessed at www.ebosswatch.com

eBossWatch Launches World’s First ‘Boss Background Check’ Service
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