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Wednesday February 21st 2018



Apple CEO Steve Jobs: Bad Boss or “America’s Favorite Boss”?

Forbes recently reported on a survey conducted by salary website Glassdoor to determine the top 10 most popular CEOs with the highest approval ratings of their employees.

General Mills CEO Ken Powell was ranked as the top of the list and Stanford University President John Hennessy came in second place.  Apple CEO Steve Jobs ranked as the third favorite boss in America.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs: bully boss or great boss?

The inclusion of Steve Jobs on the Forbes list of “America’s Favorite Bosses” might come as a surprise to many given Jobs’ well-known reputation as an abusive boss and his recent selection by Forbes to the “Bully Bosses Hall of Fame.”

How can this apparent contradiction be explained?  Is it possible that there are a lot of people who like working for a bully boss who “is often accused of making his subordinates cry and firing employees arbitrarily?” Is Apple a successful company because of or despite the alleged abusive management style of Steve Jobs?