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Saturday March 25th 2017



‘Workplace bullying strike’ shuts down Gorilla Coffee

Gorilla Coffee, a popular cafe based in Brooklyn, New York, has been effectively shut down for several days after almost all of the employees resigned to protest what they claim to be pervasive workplace bullying by one of the cafe owners, Carol McLaughlin

According to the New York Times, an email sent by the former employees described a “perpetually malicious, hostile, and demeaning work environment” under McLaughlin, and they demanded that McLaughlin be replaced by another manager.  The NY Times also published a letter from the employees explaining the reasons why they all decided to resign.

Darleen Scherer, McLaughlin’s co-owner, allegedly refused to replace McLaughlin, and the seven baristas subsequently quit.  The owners said that they won’t be reopening the cafe anytime soon. 


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‘Workplace bullying strike’ shuts down Gorilla Coffee
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3 Responses to “‘Workplace bullying strike’ shuts down Gorilla Coffee”

  1. Aaron says:

    I wish your organization would research this case deeper. As the father of one of the employees who was abused, I can tell you that this is CLEARLY a violation of numerous sexual harrassment and work place bullying laws.

    The employees are too afraid to take action themselves, some of them having actually been threatened with physical harm should they do so.

    My “child” is mid twenties, straight A student, strong minded person who has had nothing but the highest compliments as a hard worker and faithful employee…and when my child is saying something is wrong, I know that it must be absolutely hellish.

    Any lawyer that wants to make things right as a made to order case to crush this thing right out of the park.

  2. We lost our beautiful 31 year old niece, Jodie Lynne Jones Zebell, to WorkPlace Bullying two years ago. She was a mamamographer in a renowned breast clinic in La Crosse, Wi. She left behind two precious little children and a family that adored her. We are working towards legislation to prevent workplace bullying / Psychological harassment in the work place. Last April I came to Albany, Ny to tell Jodie’s story to over 45 Congressional members working with the Healthy Workplace Advocates of New York.

    After the loss of our Jodie, we found there was nothing we could do as there was no law that covered one, unless they fall under a protected status.

    Good luck to you and your daughter. While your daughter is looking for recourse, she may also want to look for other employment. As we found out, Bullying not only Can Break Hearts, but it also is a deadly killer.

    Many Blessings to you.
    .-= JOIE BOSTWICK´s last blog ..LAWS! More Info… =-.

  3. Jay says:

    This is an incredibly story. I find it very upsetting that there seems to be no settlement here. These owners actually had the gaul to “sue” the NYT and go after the employees that quit for defamation of character. How can you defame something that clearly does not exist. It’s disgusting that it goes on, but it is more disgusting that the business and its owners continue to prosper. I wish this would go to court because I think there would be many many other people that would come forward to speak of the “character” of these two owners.

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