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Friday January 19th 2018



Wings To Go sued for sexual harassment and retaliation

Mindi Johnson, a former employee at the Beaumont, Texas Wings To Go restaurant, has filed a lawsuit on April 12 against the restaurant for subjecting her to sexual harassment and retaliation after she complained to the manager.

According to the lawsuit, the hostile work environment that Johnson was subjected to consisted of the following:

  • Closing manager Kevin Lee showed Johnson sexually explicit pictures of him giving and receiving oral sex from a woman.  “On yet another occasion, Mr. Lee requested that Plaintiff get up on the counter top and take her clothes off.  He went on further to state that if Plaintiff agreed he would pay her for it.”
  • Opening manager Albert Francis repeatedly exposed his genitals to Johnson and would call her Mindi Francis instead of Mindi Johnson.  “On many occasions Mr. Francis would unnecessarily graze Plaintiff’s breasts and buttocks.  Mr. Francis would ask Plaintiff to reach for items he could reach himself, using this as an opportunity to touch her inappropriately.”
  • Mike St. Julian told Johnson that if he had sex with her, she would leave her fiance for him.  “On one particular occasion Mr. St. Julian turned the lights off in the walk-in cooler while Plaintiff was in there.  When Plaintiff complained of this action, Mr. St. Julian suggested that he join Plaintiff in the cooler and ‘we would see what would happen.'”

After enduring months of sexual harassment at Wings To Go, Johnson gave restaurant manager Danny Parton a letter complaining about the harassment.  Johnson alleges that Parton did not take action to correct the situation.  The lawsuit states, “Rather, Plaintiff was subjected to retaliation as Plaintiff’s work hours were significantly cut. Plaintiff was therefore forced to quit and was constructively terminated on or about March 20, 2009.”


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Wings To Go sued for sexual harassment and retaliation
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