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Monday April 24th 2017



Salesman sues Gucci for sexual harassment by gay bosses

Adolfo Mendez, a salesman at the Gucci Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York, has filed a lawsuit against Gucci for sexual harassment.  Mendez alleges that he was discriminated against and harassed by two gay bosses because he is straight.

Mendez claims that the general manager at Gucci Fifth Avenue, Michael Daly, came up behind him and gave him an unwanted massage, from his shoulders to his rear end.  Mendez froze the first time this happened. 

Several weeks later, Daly allegedly tried to give Mendez another massage, but Mendez rebuffed Daly’s advances and told Daly that he didn’t appreciate his ‘unprofessional’ behavior.

In addition, David Gray, who was Mendez’s direct boss, allegedly spoke about sex on an ongoing basis and told Mendez, “I know you’re gay.” 

After Mendez complained to Gucci human resources about the hostile work environment, he was apparently placed on administrative leave and then fired less than two weeks later.

Mendez’s lawyer said, “Not only are the managers engaging in inappropriate sexual banter on a public floor, the HR department retaliated against the employee who brought it to their attention.”


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Salesman sues Gucci for sexual harassment by gay bosses
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Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “Salesman sues Gucci for sexual harassment by gay bosses”

  1. Jane says:

    Im noticing more and more the issue with sexual harassment of straight men by gay men. I personally know people who have complained about being forcibly approached by gay men who perpetually insisted that their victim was gay. The fact the the very same people from a group of people who are so adamant to promote their lifestyle for acceptance are victimizing the very same people that want nothing to do with their lifestyle angers me. I hope Mister Mendez wins the lawsuit amd his hypocritical bosses get roasted and fired.

  2. brookelyn says:

    @Jane- Often women are also sexually harassed by gay women in the work place, locker rooms etc. These issues really need to be addressed and are repeatedly overlooked or ignored.
    I too, hope Mr Mendez wins the lawsuit. As this will set the record straight. Perhaps if people stop tip toeing around such a heated situation, there will be less of a violent backlash.

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