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Monday January 22nd 2018



Employees to hold rally to protest ‘bad boss’ at Kaiser Permanente

A mass rally has been scheduled to protest an alleged bad boss and the hostile work environment that she has allegedly created at Kaiser South Sacramento

An announcement posted on the Indybay.com website explains that the rally will highlight instances where employees claim to have suffered “physical symptoms of work-related stress arising from months of abuse at the hands of Assistant Medical Group Administrator Mary Ward.”

According to the event’s organizers, “One focus [of the rally] will be on the terrorism and bullying against Kaiser Sacramento workers….We also have managers like AMGA Mary Ward making threats and denying fundamental contractual and human rights, such as the right to see a doctor or tend to a family emergency.  One of Ward’s recent victims, Dr. Annie Yee is now off work for 3 weeks because Ward refused to approve requested doctor’s appointments.”

The “Ward Off Management Abuse and Rally Against Workplace Bullying!” will take place on Wednesday, April 28th, from 6-8pm at the Southgate Community Library, 6132 66th Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95823.


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Employees to hold rally to protest ‘bad boss’ at Kaiser Permanente
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