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Wednesday January 24th 2018



Innomark Communications sued for sexual harassment and retaliation

Lisa Brazie, a secratary at Fairfield, Ohio-based Innomark Communications, has filed a sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit against the company’s president, Gary Boens.

Brazie claims that Boens made unwanted sexual advances on her during a work-related trade show which were rejected by Brazie.  The following day, Boens allegedly told Brazie, “Gary was a baddy boy.”

Brazie claimes that after she complained to logistics manager Mike Maratea, he told her that “there was a history of sexual harassment at Innomark and that “sexual harassment is nurtured here.” 

Innomark Communications allegedly took no steps to investigate her complaint or to fix the hostile work environment at Innomark.

After Brazie filed a sexual harassment complaint with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission on August 2008, Innomark managers began taking away job responsibilities and work assignments from Brazie.


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Innomark Communications sued for sexual harassment and retaliation
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