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Thursday March 30th 2017



Innomark Communications sued for sexual harassment and retaliation

Lisa Brazie, a secratary at Fairfield, Ohio-based Innomark Communications, has filed a sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit against the company’s president, Gary Boens.

Brazie claims that Boens made unwanted sexual advances on her during a work-related trade show which were rejected by Brazie.  The following day, Boens allegedly told Brazie, “Gary was a baddy boy.”

Brazie claimes that after she complained to logistics manager Mike Maratea, he told her that “there was a history of sexual harassment at Innomark and that “sexual harassment is nurtured here.” 

Innomark Communications allegedly took no steps to investigate her complaint or to fix the hostile work environment at Innomark.

After Brazie filed a sexual harassment complaint with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission on August 2008, Innomark managers began taking away job responsibilities and work assignments from Brazie.


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Innomark Communications sued for sexual harassment and retaliation
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Reader Feedback

5 Responses to “Innomark Communications sued for sexual harassment and retaliation”

  1. Nance Parry says:

    Lisa should read this book –
    I’ve written an ebook, HOW TO AVOID/HANDLE/LITIGATE OVER SEXUAL HARASSMENT. There is much information in it about what sexual harassment is, how to handle it, and what the laws are (in California). It’s also an entertaining read! You’ll find it at: http://www.booklocker.com/books/4397.html

    I did a radio interview on 2/25 (about the book), which is still up on the LA Talk Radio website. That’s at: http://www.latalkradio.com/Sam_Kara.php

  2. kelly says:

    That is awful, its not shocking though. I know the VP of creative services.and.he an aggorant POS. So it doesn’t shock me that other people are like that there. Good luck to you Lisa and I hope you take him through the ringer. I bet he is married too.

  3. JW says:

    You go girl. I hope you win the case. I know several people who have worked there. From what I am told the HR manager needs to get educated on what sexual hararrsment is. Report it and they threaten to fire the person reporting it. There is one guy there I am told is so discusting that all the women in the building run from him. He tries to look down their blouses, he tries to corner them in places where they can’t get out and he even went as far as to deliberately run into one woman to catch a free feel.

  4. Penny Riley says:

    Innomark has not changed its practices , I was asked to join the company
    And did so , to start up a new division in the packaging dept
    Until an employee at another location and her supervisor were found to be in a
    Personal ralationship which started AFTER the employee was working at the company,
    At which time the handbook rules are ” Immediate Termination ”
    But because the employee also had a 20 year relationship ( non sexual ) with
    Another supervisor she was transferred to another building and handed my job ,
    Rewarded for personal relationships … I stayed with the company , and was treated in a
    Belittling manner , degraded and harrassed until I could no longer take it , and finally after
    Attempts to meet with HR failed , because hr will not talk to you unless your a supervisor ,, I quit

  5. Penny Riley says:

    My phone was used to create the last comment ,
    However it was not created or posted by me ,
    It was just brought to my attention .

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