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Monday January 22nd 2018



Chevron boss accused of workplace bullying

John Suzuki, who worked as a patent liaison at the Chevron Richmond, CA office for over 35 years, was forced to take early retirement this month rather than risk his health by returning to work under a boss who allegedly subjected him to workplace bullying.

Suzuki’s doctors had diagnosed him as being at high risk of another heart attack after he had at least two episodes of severe chest pains following incidents in which his boss, Alan Klaassen, allegedly harassed and threatened him, and called him a “stupid Jap.”

When Suzuki told Klaassen and a manager, Frank Turner, what his doctor said, Klaassen and Turner allegedly laughed at Suzuki.  To make matters worse, Chevron allegedly refused to consider Suzuki’s request to move him to a different department.  Suzuki claims that Chevron told him that if he did not return to his department and his supervisor Klaassen, he faced being terminated.


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Chevron boss accused of workplace bullying
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