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Tuesday April 25th 2017



Bad boss at Make-a-Wish fired for creating hostile work environment

Catherine Martens, president of the Bethesda-based Mid-Atlantic chapter of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, was fired on Monday after the foundation’s national headquarters received complaints from employees about the hostile work environment that Martens created.

Make-a-Wish national spokesman Paul Allvin said that Martens was terminated due to “unacceptable workplace conduct” and after 19 out of 20 local members of the board of directors resigned last Friday.


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Bad boss at Make-a-Wish fired for creating hostile work environment
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Reader Feedback

30 Responses to “Bad boss at Make-a-Wish fired for creating hostile work environment”

  1. ocdgirl2000 says:

    Bless the upper management of Make-A-Wish-Foundation for protecting their employees and for taking their complaints and fears seriously. Karma:what comes around, goes around..
    Too bad more companies don’t do this. This would be a much better, healthier and productive world.
    .-= ocdgirl2000´s last blog .. =-.

  2. janedoe says:

    3rd place Martens has been fired from the past decade, for the same reason. (1) She keeps getting another similar role, with more pay, to leave that organization in ruins and worse off than she found it (2) What sad background checks are run on her, since she’s always friends with board members that hire her – or on the board kissing up to them to get the next gig after she’s unemployed (3) Make a Wish, was it worth it?

  3. Albert says:

    It’s funny how we (corporate America and working citizens)want people who are leaders and strong individuals to take the lead because they don’t know were to start or were to end and then we criticize once we receive it and have to bend over back words from the person who leading us and then complain a praise it.ocdgirl it is apparent to me that you have no idea what your talking about or who your praising. I know cathy martens the professional and the mother caring friend she is a strong woman and great demander of perfection to improve peoples character. we need more women like her in this day in age.

  4. ocdgirl2000 says:

    Albert, pleaze put the gin and juice down. She got fired again for a behavior deemed inappropriate at work. Its not 1950, but rather 2010.

  5. Albert says:

    oc I doubt you would be better off in 2010 than sipping on that jealousy gin you’re drinking your sorrows at night away on because you couldn’t be half of successful as her.

  6. ocdgirl2000 says:

    She’s old, lonely and unemployed.
    With most of life behind her.
    Yes I’d rather be 60, lonely and out of work.

  7. itsme says:

    I just saw this 1sthand at Make a Wish Foundation in MD

    A turkey was chatting with a bull. ‘I would love to be able to get to the top of that tree,’ sighed the turkey, ‘but I haven’t got the energy.’ ‘Well, why don’t you nibble on some of my droppings?’ replied the bull. They’re packed with nutrients.’

    The turkey pecked at a lump of dung, and found it actually gave him enough strength to reach the lowest branch of the tree. The next day, after eating some more dung, he reached the second branch.

    Finally after a fourth night, the turkey was proudly perched at the top of the tree. He was promptly spotted by a farmer, who shot him out of the tree.

    Moral of the story: Bull(x)hit might get you to the top, but it won’t keep you there.

  8. Lynne Smith says:

    Martens, reached at home Monday, declined to say whether she left voluntarily, “but I would be happy to talk about this as it progresses.” She would not comment on what complaints staff may have raised.


  9. JaneDoeToo! says:

    This is just a long string of Ms. Marten’s bullying! She was fired from her last position at Second Genesis for the exact same conduct. She is nothing but a BIG FAT BULLY! She brings her minions in one by one and then closes ranks. She has been accused of: sexual harrasment, discrimination, creating a hostile working environment, bullying, inappropriate office conduct, using inappropriate and vulgar language. What a day when the new Chairman of the Board walked in and fired her!!!

    It is about time someone told the truth about this woman. She is SERIOUSLY disturbed and no one should have to work for her again! At least it is now out in the open AND in The Washington Post! LOL!

  10. JaneDoeToo! says:

    Albert…Ms. Martens will have a lot of time on her hands, you need to ask her for some spelling and grammer lessons!

  11. Albert says:

    jane I am sorry I have a job and am constantly on the move so I don’t have the luxury of sitting be hind a computer at my house criticizing some one else while your schmuck of a husband supports your infant self

  12. JaneDoeToo says:

    Albert you must have been behind a computer to respond to my facts about this jerk boss getting fired again. “On the move” you at least took 5 minutes to look this up and write LOL
    And at the end of the day she still got fired. At 70 or whatever she is, we’ll see if she’s hired now by the Red Cross but don’t count on it with the WashPost exposure this time.

  13. Rememberme says:

    My Make A Wish experience with the late Catherine:

    “If a child is a bully, all it means is that he’s acting out, externalizing stuff that he’s frustrated or angry about,” she says. “It’s unlikely that he’s not saying a single word about it.”

    This frustration can lead to aggression.

    “When a child is frustrated, there are only two outcomes for that … either he’s going to become aggressive or adapt. If you have a child who is a bully, he’s probably chronically frustrated.”

    Stop Bullying Now!, a federally-run site, notes some common characteristics among bullies:

    Children Who Bully Can Be:

    Impulsive, hot-headed, dominant
    Easily frustrated
    Lacking empathy
    Having difficulty following rules
    Viewing violence in a positive way
    Physically stronger than other children

  14. Albert says:

    whats funny is all your statements are false! the end.

  15. JaneDoeToo says:

    Albert, is Catherine still the leader of Make A Wish?
    The End
    LOL – H-a-r-d

  16. Bully Buster says:

    Ms. Martens has now filed a law suit against Make-a-Wish and the executives. I am surprised it got this far. She usually gets paid off when she threatens to sue. GO Make-a-Wish, there are allot of people out here that know the truth about this woman and we will help in any way we can!!!

  17. Raymond Brown says:

    Deja Vu

  18. Bully Buster says:

    I need to contact the defense attorneys. I would LOVE to testify for them!!

  19. Cleo Jones says:

    1 year later from a grand day when dummy was fired …

  20. willy says:

    To all the people on this message board except for Albert who seems to be the only person with a job. I beg you to get a grip on reality and realize that coming onto a website like this and bashing a woman who worked her ass of for many years for a great cause deserves nothing but your utmost respect. Now I’m sure that most of you worked for Cathy just like I did for a year internship in high school before going to West Point. In my experience Cathy did nothing but push her staff to make as many wishes come true as possible and looking at the facts that is what happened. WHne she first got to MAW they were working out of a retirement home REALLLLLYYYY she moved the offices to a very nice building in Bethesda. So already better than when she got there, the wishes granted almost doubled by the time she left again impressive. High turnover rate umm maybe because the staff was used to getting there when they wanted too and leaving whenever the wanted to sounds pretty unproductive and when kids who have life threatening diseases are at stake i would want my staff working pretty hard. So before I have to go back out onto patrol and protect the rights that you people abuse when you write these things about a hardworking individual i would like to say one thing. You people have no clue what it is to work a hard and stressful day granted childrens wishes is the best job in the world and if you dont think so i urge you to come and pick up a gun we could use you over here. But I have a feeling if working for a woman who pushes you to the limit to produce wishes gets to you you couldnt fight for your country. So do me a favor the person fighting for your freedoms stop posting stupid crap like this online about other people. And if you dont like these rules I have set down there is some nice piece of real estate over here in Kabul. And I find it interesting how the poeple who posted most of these comments took their profile down you guys must like that secret behind your back way of going about things thats cool you remind me of the guy my gunner took out today with a bomb strapped to his chest. Have a great time looking for those nice relaxing jobs where you dont get pushed to produce I hear greenpeace is hiring. “LOL H.A.R.D. ” – Janedoe

    p.s if you want to use a screenname so people dont know who you are dont use your name in it cuz you guys were bad accountants and even worse consultants. Have going back to the office to gossip about this one girls. Goodbye from the middle east!!!

  21. Bully Buster says:

    I just read Willy’s comments on Ms. Martens and realized that he is obviously unaware of the real facts regarding her employment history. She has been fired from her last FIVE positions for this same type of behavior. That is a sign of instability and does not deserve respect! In your line of work she would have received a dishonorable discharge.

    If people are really honest, I am sure most of the people that worked for Cathy Martens over the years would have to admit that they were either the recipients, participants, or observers to the hostile work environments spearheaded by Ms. Martens. It is a relief to those on the receiving end of her bullying to see an organization finally stand up to her and expose the truth that numerous employees endured during her reigns.

    Thank you for your service Willy!

  22. Justice4Cathy says:

    This is pathetic…We all know who you are, posting anonymously smearing lies about Cathy!! All of you losers worked in Development and did not raise enough money, so you rush to the internet to bash such a respected and well-revered leader. Cathy Martens is the most compassionate, understanding boss anyone could ask for. Anybody who says otherwise (especially some ghost posting anonymous threats) is fabricating lies because they were not doing their job and is trying to BLAME THEIR BOSS FOR THEIR OWN LACKLUSTER PERFORMANCE!! The truth will set you free!!!

  23. Grow Up says:

    Cathy Martens is a dedicated leader who has always and is still leading and growing companies despite the utter demise of the nonprofit sector given the current economy. Does she require the BEST from her employees? Yes, but why is that a problem? Challenge yourself to not be complacent by doing “just enough” to get by. It is clear that the negative posts here are from an individual who was at one time employed by Martens who did not want to work hard to be successful. Don’t spread lies about someone until you have:
    1. Run a multi-million dollar agency and grown their budgets by at least 20% each year….Martens has!
    2. Groomed successful professionals who work in the nonprofit field nationwide….Martens has!
    3. Have the courage to face adversity without blinking an eye OR HIDING BEHIND DEROGATORY POSTS….Martens has!
    4. Continues to work to make this world a better place by giving 150% wherever you go…Martens has!
    Please grow up and find something more productive to do with your time and let whatever ill feelings you have go. Stop posting these negative comments using various names. Your life will be better if you do. Anger, bitterness and resentment will keep you miserable. I hope that you are able to heal and move on….

  24. Jerry says:

    Then why was SHE fired?

  25. Stuert says:

    Seems that SHE was angry by trying to sue MAWF be4 she lost the case.

  26. Lance says:

    Then why did she leave MOWF and continue doing what ya stated?

  27. Lance says:

    Thanks for your opinion and others have posted and expressed theirs. Theirs/ours differs from yours. MOWF, Second Genesis, the school that she led be4 that all had the same opinions that I do, which is how she sucked as a leader.

  28. Bully Buster says:

    WOW! Martens was fired AGAIN!! LOL! She is pathetic. Wonder which nonprofit she will ruin next. I just love karma!

  29. Read All About It says:

    I find it so humorous when someone trie to defend this woman. You do not have to believe any of our comments posted here, but the court has spoken about Cathy Marten’s behavior at MAWF.

    “Court grants Make-A-Wish Foundation’s motion for summary judgment dismissing all claims against charity and five individual defendants

    November 2011

    Catherine Martens, a former President and CEO of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation sued the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America and several individual defendants after she was terminated for cause in March 2010. Make-A-Wish Foundation of America is a charity that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. Ms. Martens’ complaint contained allegations of defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress (“IIED”), civil conspiracy, and tortious interference with contractual relations. She sought over $4 million in damages. On November 22, 2011, after previously granting defendants’ motion to dismiss the IIED claim, Judge Titus of the U.S. District Court of Maryland granted defendants’ motion for summary judgment on all of Ms. Martens’ remaining claims.”
    U.S. District Court of Maryland, Case No. 8:10-cv-01121-RWT

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