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Monday April 24th 2017



Multiple sexual harassment lawsuits filed against Harrah’s Atlantic City Casino Hotel

At least 13 sexual harassment lawsuits have been filed against Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City.  The company management has also been accused of trying to cover up the harassment and retaliating against employees who complained about the hostile work environment.

The lawsuits accuse former supervisor Raymond Montgomery, who served as the “Director of Nightlife” at Harrah’s The Pool nightclub, of making sexual advances on numerous female employees and pressuring them to drink excessive amounts of alcohol.  Two of the women allege that they blacked out and later discovered that they had been sexually assaulted by Montgomery.

Another Harrah’s boss, Jeffrey Chafee, was named in the lawsuits.  Chafee was accused by a female employee of subjecting her to “inappropriate, vulgar, and off-color comments, innuendos, and jokes.”  According to the complaint, the woman was retaliated against and accused of “insubordination” after she reported Chafee’s behavior to Harrah’s HR department.

Two human resources managers, Mylka Naranjo and Tim Kreischer, were named in the lawsuit complaints for failing to try to stop the harassment.  Naranjo is alleged to have told a woman who complained to her to “Stop being a baby,” and Kreischer is accused of engaging “in a concealment and cover-up of such instances of sexual harassment and the creation of a hostile work environment in the workplace in order to prevent wrongdoing of co-employees, supervisory and managerial level employees from being exposed.”


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Multiple sexual harassment lawsuits filed against Harrah’s Atlantic City Casino Hotel
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Reader Feedback

8 Responses to “Multiple sexual harassment lawsuits filed against Harrah’s Atlantic City Casino Hotel”

  1. skimmer says:

    wow, that’s horrible

  2. Grando says:

    There is no doubt casino employees are subjected to hostile work enviroment on a daily basis. The Managers and supervisors abuse is minor compared to the foul mouthed, drunk, dirty, losing, uneducated players.
    For casino’s to allow an employee to be abused by their guest’ is uncomprehensible to me. For every foul mouthed beligerent drunk allowed to play, another 10 good guest are offended and leave.
    The last time I checked most Casinos were in public places, for someone to sit at a table and use abusive language must have a very low IQ and fot a Mega-Corporation to allow it must even have a lower IQ.



    Bosses are horrible, is not enough that we have to put up with the abusive players, but on top you are treated like a piece of garbage, by the abusive supervisors, but it is your choice to be part of the problem or part of the solution.


    And by the way Human Resources always is going to retaliate against you if you complaint, but they will do nothing to stop the HOSTILE ENVIROMENT

  5. Luke says:

    I hope they rot in prison and have lot of fun in the shower. In case they don’t get in – personal justice apply!

  6. victim of sexual harrassment in the work place says:

    I have just been a victim of sexual harrassment. This was caused because the lack of a supervisor and casino taking care of the situation before another employee is a target. My co worker was sexually harrassed 8 hours before me and wrote a complaint. The supervisor did not get this man escorted out so he did it again to me. Now I am pressing charges against this man and am questioning if I should do something about my casino not taking care of this before it happened to another employee. What do I do?

  7. alexa008 says:

    that is so sad, i hope this will end up and the victims will be given the right justice they deserve.

  8. Howie says:

    I hope that justice is served and the rule of law will prevail. Harassment is never an easy crime to prove, but its something that needs to be addressed, especially if it involves multiple victims.

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