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Tuesday February 20th 2018



Jackson Health System HR vice president under investgation

Trummell Valdera, the vice president of human resources for Miami-based Jackson Health System, is under internal investigation for alleged improprieties in her job, including allegations she hired her friend and former administrative assistant as a high paid consultant.  Both the Miami-Dade Ethics Commission and Jackson Health System are reported to be investgating these allegations.

Jackson Health records show that it had paid Deborah DiNicolantonio $412,596 in the past five years for supporting “leadership initiatives, organizational goals, and organizational transformation by providing consultation through planning, writing, editing, and project management in developing and managing internal communications strategies, processes, and implementation tactics.” 

A former Jackson employee who worked with Valdera said that DiNicolantonio “worked from time to time part-time on projects. She was up in the Northeast. She’d travel down and stay as a temporary relief employee. She worked once in a blue moon on a project. It just wasn’t right.”

The former employee also told the Miami Herald that Jackson’s HR department was a “hostile work environment” and that Valdera did “a lot of screaming and yelling” and that people “would be rewarded for nothing that has to do with results or performance.”


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