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Friday January 19th 2018



Double T Diner boss sued for sexual harassment

A former waitress at a popular diner in Pasadena, Maryland, has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the Double T Diner and the owner’s son, Spyros Korologos, who works there as a manager.

The waitress claims that Korologos repeatedly harassed her in 2007, both verbally and physically, and that she was forced to quit her job as a result of the hostile work environment.

The Double T Diner has a history of sexual harassment complaints and lawsuits.  The EEOC has sued the diner’s parent company twice after 11 women complained about being subjected to constant sexual harassment at the White Marsh and Frederick restaurants.

The EEOC District Director Joseph Lee said, “In fact, the managers at that facility knew about it and allowed it to continue.”  The diner company agreed to settle the previous two EEOC lawsuits.


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Double T Diner boss sued for sexual harassment
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