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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



Chapwood partner Ed Butowsky tries to bury reports of dispute with former intern

On December 29, 2009, eBossWatch reported on Naresh Vissa, the former intern at Chapwood Capital Investment Management who filed a lawsuit against Ed Butowsky, a managing partner at Chapwood, for allegedly failing to pay Vissa for all of his time worked.
Vissa, a Syracuse University student and columnist for the university newspaper, wrote three articles in The Daily Orange describing his experiences during and after his internship at Chapwood Capital.  The articles were titled and published as follows:
In late December or early January, Ed Butowsky apparently threatened legal action against The Daily Orange if the newspaper did not remove Vissa’s articles from its website.  The Daily Orange complied, signed an agreement with Butowsky, and removed Vissa’s three articles from The Daily Orange website.  Furthermore, Vissa said that Meredith Galante, the Editor in Chief of The Daily Orange, informed him that he could no longer write for them.
On January 15, 2010, Orone Laizerovich, who presented himself as “I work with Mr. Butowsky and manage his various websites,” contacted eBossWatch and accused eBossWatch of publishing “an entry…entailing false data and an attempt to defame Mr. Butowsky.”
Laizerovich requested that eBossWatch remove our report titled “College intern sues boss to recover unpaid wages” about the Vissa-Butowsky dispute.  In addition, Laizerovich informed eBossWatch that he submitted a request to our blog hosting provider, WordPress.com, requesting that they compel eBossWatch to remove the report.
After explaining that this report, like all other content on eBossWatch, is non-defamatory, WordPress.com informed us that they accepted our explanation and rejected the request to remove our report of Vissa’s pending lawsuit against Ed Butowsky.


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Chapwood partner Ed Butowsky tries to bury reports of dispute with former intern
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